Are Social Media Sites Keeping our Information Safe?

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Technological advancements have greatly benefited our society. An example of a technological advancement that has benefited many people around the world was the creation of the Internet. The Internet makes it easier to search and look for information.

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It has also allowed for it become easier for people to become interconnected with one another around the world. Social media websites or applications are created to allow users to create and share content or participate in social networking. These websites allow for users to make new people or become reacquainted with family or friends they have not seen in a long time. As great as the internet is there are some negative effects that social media websites have on their users, an example is that being that there are users who catfish other users which means that they create false identities to trick other users. Catsfishers aren’t not the only group of people that social media users should be concerned with rather there are other things on social media sites that should be more concerning to all users.

One group of people they should be concerned with is hackers they are people who use computers to attempt to gain unauthorized access to data, which include social media websites. Users should be concerned with how safe are the social media websites they visit secure, if they are able to adequately protect their information. It will be interesting to find out the different kinds of security methods they use to ensure that their users are safely protected. Finding out whether or not social media websites use differing or similar security methods to keep users safe. If any of these websites prioritize keeping information safe for all the users and what they do if they notice any suspicious activity on their sites. If they offer any information that informs users on the dangers they can possibly face while using their websites. How they report any suspicious user activity and what they can do to make sure that they use the website safely. Keeping users information safe is not only the responsibility of the websites but as well as the responsibility of the user and knowing what they could be to make sure they aren’t vulnerable to any attacks. Users should be aware that there are certain activities that may pop on their screen that they should be precautious and shouldn’t click on everything they see. They should be able to detect any form of phishing website links that may pop up on their page. It is imperative that users know what phishing attacks are. They should know where they have to report any suspicious behavior they see on their screen. They should know how to make sure that they can keep their personal information private.

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