Are School Uniforms Necessary?

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Have you ever wondered what it might be like wearing school uniforms every day? It keeps kids from expressing themselves. ”Kids were not allowed to wear pink clothing to support breast cancer awareness month.” They received in school suspension, for breaking the schools dress code. I do not agree that school uniforms should be allowed in schools.

One thing people are arguing is true is that, “It’s easier to see if children are skipping class.” I disagree with that, because if a student is skipping their class no one is usually in the halls anyways, so for that reason it is probably just the same effort to find someone as a school with no uniforms. Another thing people are arguing about is, “If a class is on a field trip, then it becomes easier for teachers and school administrators to quickly identify the children who are with the group. ”I don’t think it’s that useful there are usually kids who will say something if a child decides to run away, if not parent chaperones are always there and or workers will say something if they see a kid that does not belong where they are. Something bad is “Kids get teased when they wear school Uniforms.” It is mostly when they go on field trips or things off school campus.

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Most regular clothing is made from cotton or other soft comfortable materials, not school uniforms “they are often made from canvas materials that are designed to be tough, they don’t feel great to wear.” Kids have to change when they get home just to feel comfortable.

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