Are Millennials Different From Otner Generations?

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 Fads, like swallowing live goldfish as a party trick and surfing on the hood of moving vehicles, may be on the list of college student contributions to America, but it cannot be denied that they have also contributed to the most important parts of modern history books such as the initiation of The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the final decision of Brown vs Board of Education. College students are renowned for their activism and protests: often being the cornerstone for large social movements. Even so, it is still not unusual for older generations to degrade the up-and-coming one.

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People tend to shy away and fight against change especially when it is their descendants that are at the fore front. Fear and discomfort are often the rivals of progress, but elder generations often forget where they were twenty, thirty, even forty years ago when they also push against these pressures for social reformations. The Millennials are hardly different from any other generation of young adults fighting their way through the barriers of society that often attempt to keep youngsters in check. Furthermore, society must stop ignoring the political and social activism that college students preach, they must remove the unnecessary boundaries placed by censorship and the increasing abasement of the youth must be reduced, otherwise, society will lose their front line in the war for progression.

For the newest spoiled generation of college students, the statistics show that they are more than willing to fight unreasonable odds to reach their goals such as racism, crime and violence, and debt. When students choose seats in class, they do not pick the one where they can hear the teacher, or the one in the back so they can relax. Students choose the one closes to an exit in case of a shooter like Chris Harper-Mercer, a shooter at a community college in Roseburg, Oregon, Adam Lanza of the Sandy Hook shooting. According to a report released by the US Department of Justice in 2014, 17 percent of college students had experienced some form of violence or harassment in the previous year. (Barnhardt) According to the director of the Center for Global Studies, Sophia A. McClennen, of Pennsylvania State University, of all college students, one third are the first of their families to attend a school for higher education, 43% are of color, 26% are undergraduates with dependent children, and of every five female students one will be sexually assaulted in college. Another study revealed that 79% of teachers are white (Douglas).

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