Are Civil Wars More Likely in Less Developed Countries?

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Are Civil wars more likely in less developed countries?


A civil war in a country by and large destroys the communities, government organizations and its whole operating body. It is the war between the organizations, political groups, and government institutes in a country who want their control over the people. It can be the struggle for rights but not true in all the cases. The public groups in the civil wars protest against the government institutes to get their rights by using the force. The civil wars work against the peace and harmony of the people (Hegre 2001). People have been losing their lives in the civil wars against the government under the control of pressure groups. Usually, the less developed countries are more prone to civil wars because people there do not get the basic living rights (FAYE et al. 2004). They morally become weak due to the pressure of poverty and unemployment. The economic crisis of underdeveloped countries usually makes the country weak from the inside which moves towards the destruction of the institutes and breaking down of the political setup (Fearon & Laitin 2003). The international aid and other financial incentives from the world wealthy countries can save the people from moving towards the civil war destruction. Using the aid, the government of underdeveloped countries could inaugurate new small industries which will provide employment to the people and ultimately the poverty will be reduced day by day (Elbadawi & Sambanis 2000). They can give the aid money back when they start making money. This is the best technique for eliminating the civil war trend in economically disturbed countries (Papanek 1972).

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Literature Review

When explored the literature, the theorists, researchers and renowned critics explain all the facts and reasons behind the civil war. The researches related to the civil war demonstrate that the poverty, unavailability of basic human rights and unemployment are the reasons behind the civil war. The civil war is the form of protest against the present political rule but as the time passes this protest converts into the severe bloodshed and the destruction of the economic life of the people. The societies which move towards civil wars usually lose their solidarity and respect in the world. The question that arises is: Is poverty the reason behind the civil war in less developed countries? A research by Alexander and Harding (2006) concluded that when a country’s geographical location and the income resources are considered, it can thus be deduced that the poverty can be a strong reason behind the civil wars. In the post world war II era, the European colonies had to face catastrophic civil wars because of the upheaval in financial resources. The rebel groups usually find the reason to motivate people,

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