The Grounds for Divorce Essay

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Applying the grounds for divorce Grounds , there are lots of grounds for divorce and those are the five facts which the divorce must fall under if they do not fall under any of the five below then they is a low chance of getting divorced. Also reasonable grounds must be a good reason in which will allow the judge for you to get divorced. The five facts, adultery, which is just your husband or wife slept with another person whilst you were married and you, are no longer wanting to live with them because of that. However if they do it within 6months you are less likely to get divorced. Unreasonable behaviour, which is being violent, verbally abusing another, drug taking and refusing to pay any bills with in the house. Desertion, this is when your husband or wife leaves you, without any agreements, without good reason, end of a relationship. If you have lived apart from each other for more than two years you can then get a divorce, but you must both agree to it. If you have lived apart for 5years then you can also get a divorce. Undefined divorce procedures from petition to decree absolute, this is what actually dissolves a marriage it is the thing which allows both partners to remarry after they have gone through the decree absolute. This is what we call the final decree in a divorce. The person which might have issues when they were married is the person who can apply for a decree absolute, this can only be done 6weks and one day after the date of the decree. However if that person who had issues has not applied for the decree within four and half months then the other person can then apply for the decree absolute. The person who had the issues will not have to attend court; all they have to do is pay some money to the court which is £40.00 and send the application form with the money. Both of the spouses will receive the decree absolute within 7/10 days however this will depend on how busy the courts are. Consideration by judge, these are factors which might or may be considered by the judge in order to help them make decisions about a divorce or who the child will be cared by. For example if it is a case where dad has been hitting mum the judges will consider the children’s safety they will try and separate the children form their father as they know that their dad is violent. Also judges decisions can be changed when they re-consider stuff. Documentation

  • The divorce must have a reason of why the person wants to have a divorce, name and address of the two people who want to get the divorce
  • There must also be a statement which tells the judge how the children will be living and the maintenance arrangements
  • The decree nisi must be filled for the divorce to even proceed;

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