Applying Marketing Concepts Within a Small Business

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Apply marketing concepts within a small business

Outcome 1.1 Define the following objectives of marketing in terms of the organizational objectives as identified in your marketing plan. A/ Sell products/ services

  • – Small business is the most important sale of your products or services and (potential) customers a different (special treatments, the best deals) offering. If your priority is to get customers to your business to produce.

B/ Generate new customers

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  • – It is like bringing something new to the market is defined as a business objective is to bring in new customers, which is still there. This directly affects the business for sale.
  • Samsung’s (eg, Apple, Samsung and Apple, which offers new functionality in their phones like Samsung, Apple customers they have demand for it.

C/ Develop and maintain customer loyalty

  • – the needs of customers through the use of the dependence of Customer knowledge , communication, coordination , and in anticipation
  • – We need to develop customer loyalty :
  • – Customer No
  • – Coordinating the customer experience online and offline
  • – The opportunities anticipate
  • -when I see My customers time , money , and ultimately save the hassle , they are in favor of returning for repeat business and loyalty , turn to a trusted resource for my company .(research taken)
  • .

D/ Maintain image

  • – Image management company will always have to work hard to maintain that level so that the image is a false picture of the company’s lead product for some time that it is done. For example. Nike Jordan shoes are the best states to maintain eg.Michal showing a picture of the hero, a lot of customers go to the store and buy shoes because their leader said.

E/ Provide information

  • – It is one of the most important thing in your marketing plan
  • – Providing information to achieve your sales and your customers as well as customers move
  • – We need to bring all the information about our business and increase sales
  • – Today we have newspapers , magazines, TV , radio and social websites to use a large variety of types of information, and provide a number of options .

1.2 Explain the implication of the following marketing concepts to business operation as identified in your business plan. A/ Needs

  • we need to understand the requirement to the business.

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