Application of Balnin Team Inventory In Group Working

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As a class, we were supposed to form different groups. In which we had to apply our computer knowledge on how to solve real-time problems in an organization using various programs. The teams and the groups that were to experiment were formed before the experiments were started; we were to meet at the computer laboratory where they were to conduct their tests. The whole group comprised of 24 individuals and was supposed to be divided into seven teams, with each requiring only one computer for their experiment. One machine was to be used by the examiner whose role was to test and accept solution offered (Belbin 2012). Each group was issued with the problems to solve. We were needed to solve the problems with a maximum of one hour through some team ended up requiring an addition of one hour. To make everything balanced among the team, we were supposed to work at only one station. Each team was supposed to create a database were all customers information was. We had to make sure that offering customer services were made easy, fast and user-friendly.

After the experiment, we were to email the results to the examiner that was only if a group was satisfied with what they had done. The examiner then looked at the results with his or her correct data that was not to be revealed to the partakers. Once the completed solution was correctly tested with the accepted information, the end time for every team was documented (Meslec and Cur??eu 2012). Despite the problem statements having some test information, we were required to create test data for their answer to pass all the approval tests. The test was done in four different lab periods, in each session; the teams were to conduct the four sessions at four different times. The means of all meetings were then evaluated and compared.

Every team was made up of three participants with different working roles under the observation of the Belbin Self-perception Inventory. Every group was to belong to a team that was applied in the examination of the hypothesis in the problem. Each team had a leadership team and a non-leader team about what was expected in the experiment.

To ensure that the role that was being investigated was the cause why the groups worked in a specific manner, the other parts were made to be the same across all teams, and the group members experiences that were self-related were used as blocking factors. To determine the potential position of each member, some elements had to be kept into consideration (Senaratne and Gunawardane 2015). Each person had to fill multiple roles by having essential scores for different positions, that is, two or three roles. Another factor was that if a person had skills or personality that made him or she fills a specific role,

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