Apple Inc Marketing Plan

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Apple is involved in the design, development and marketing of personal computers (PC) and related software, peripherals, network solutions, portable digital music players, and associated accessories. The company’s portfolio of offerings comprises Mac computing systems, iPods, iPhones, and servers . The company’s software applications include Mac OS,iLife , iWork, and internet applications like Safari and QuickTime, among others. The company mainly operates in the US. It is head quartered in Cupertino, California and employs 32,000 employees. The blue colour in the below figure depicting the iPhone presence around the world. Figure: 1. 1 [pic] Source: https://upload. wikimedia. org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/a/a1/IPhone_3G_Availability. svg/800px-IPhone_3G_Availability. svg. png The objective of the assignment is to enhance my marketing plan concepts which I learned in the classroom with practical application of Apple iPhone marketing plan especially its market penetration in areas like U. S and India. Please see Appendix for company’s information. The objective of the assignment is: ? To critically analyse the marketing strategy of Apple iPhone. To assess the marketing plan and various factors like marketing audits, Marketing mix and different kinds of analysis with respect to the industry in the world of mobile market. ? To report PESTEL and SWOT analysis of Apple iPhone. ? To look deeply into the facts that made iPhone a huge success and also suggest some viable recommendations to help Apple iPhone to make further inroads in the mobile market. ? To discuss the failure of iPhone market penetration in Indian market and the steps for gaining market share in India. ? To discuss the mistakes made by Apple in marketing iPhone. Apple is committed to bringing the best personal computing experience to students, educators, creative professionals and consumers around the world through its innovative hardware, software and Internet offerings. I enjoyed quote from Tim Cook of Apple regarding Apple’s business philosophy, please find it in Appendix. Figure: 4. 1 [pic] Source: www. learnmarket. net This can be classified into Macro environment and Micro environment. 4. 1 Macro Environment Analysis: The macro environment is a set of forces that affect the company and have an impact on the purchasing power of the consumers. According to Jobber the constituents of macro environment that moves the industry are Political factors, Economic factors, Social/ cultural factors and Technological factors. The analysis of all these factors is determined by PEST analysis: Political Environment: • Taxation is something that governments put and Apple should be study this as country by country case to forestall profitability, and pricing strategy. • Importing laws in the world with GATT are in favor of trading environment. • Countries are very variable in stability, so we should study each country case by case. Table 4. 1 |Factor |Impact with respect to iPhone | |Economic environment: |Far be it from Apple to let a pesky recession stand in the way of | |The economic environment depends on the purchasing power of the |a strong sales performance. On Apr. 22 the consumer electronics | |people in a country. As per Armstrong &

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