Apple Inc. Management

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It is no secret that Apple Inc. is one of the most successful companies worldwide, however, many individuals believe that they remain the best company in the world, ( In order to receive a reputation this strong, both your business plan and style must be perfected.

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It is easy for outsiders to take a look at the success levels that Apple Inc. has met and provide feedback as a satisfied consumer, however, taking a look at the inside operations of Apple Inc. will leave individuals impressed as well. The management style that Apple chooses to implement is a very effective style and it opens the organization to a great deal of opportunity.

Organizational Structure & Design

Considering all aspects of competition and the need to remain ahead of opponents, Apple takes the confidentiality aspect very seriously. When Steve Jobs was present within the organization, he was very keen when it came to privacy and keeping new ideas under the radar. Making sure that the ideas generated within the organization remained inside the corporation was very important in regards to staying ahead of the competitors; it still is very important today, even with Steve Jobs out of the organizational structure.

The CEO of the company plays a very dominant part when it comes to organizational structure. The CEO, Tim Cook, provides guidance and structure for the next tier of employees, which happens to make up the executive team for Apple Inc.. Cook also has a direct communication with VP’s whom report to Cook. After the tier of six individuals who fill the position of VP’s that are reporting to Cook, falls the majority of the VP’s for Apple Inc. which refer to the VP’s one tier up for assistance or guidance.

The type of structure that Job’s had implemented into Apple Inc. was very unique at the time and seemed to be very effective in the sense of success. Everything that went into and out of the corporation went directly through Steve Job’s office. The way that this is set up provides the CEO with the majority of duties and some individuals had said to believe that all of the company-drive should be split up and weighed out a little differently. (

The VP’s within the organization provide a good example of function-based grouping, ( which means that each individual has a task, or business function, in which they are focused on. This provides a sense of expertise for just about every business function within the organization. On the other hand, the lower tier take on a product-based grouping ( theme that uses a vice president for both different outputs and inputs.

Steve Jobs had it set up in a way that he had the final say in a lot of decision-making and a ton of responsibility in regards to the process of innovation and creation.

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