Apple Inc.: End of Semester Project

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Apple Inc. is a publicly traded organization. It was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak who had a vision of creating personal computers that every individual could own. According to Angelique Richardson who published her article on the business references services website, Simply put, they wanted a computer that was user-friendly (Richardson 2008). The company has since grown to become a technological giant throughout the world. The IPhone is now a family name and staple for millions of individuals. It has shaped and changed the way that people communicate, conduct business, and lead their lives.

While Apple began as a manufacturer of personal computers, they have branched out into almost every technological field with their devices and operating systems. Apple manufactures and markets in addition to computers, cellular phones, music devices, watches, and tablets.

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Apple strategy

Goals for Apple Inc. include, increasing revenue from existing products by branching out into different markets, such as the business industry. Produce new and innovative products regularly that will make life easier for consumers. Eliminate obstacles to expansion and growth such as cellular carriers.

Keys to success

  • Offer the most up to date technology
  • Give consumers an opportunity to share their needs, then meet them
  • Create quality devices
  • Stand behind our products
  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Continue to expand the Apple ecosystem to accommodate every technological need


The cellular and mobile device industry is about as competitive as they come. Samsung remains Apple’s biggest competitor. They are neck and neck with Apple and consumers with smartphones are either an Apple person for life or an Android person for life. The ultimate goal is to gain the consumers who use Android devices and operating systems. According to Global Data, Apple has a leading market presence across all geographic regions it serves. Apple is the largest Smartphone vendor in the world followed by Samsung Electronics (Samsung). During January -March 2015, the net profit of Apple increased by 33% while Samsung’s net profit decreased by 39% as consumers switched to bigger iPhones (Apple Inc. – Financial and Strategic Analysis Review n.d.).

Android does offer much more functionality on their devices than does Apple. With the Apple operating system, much is controlled by Apple and cannot be modified to meet the consumers need. Although, Apple has given a few more freedoms in recent days including ability to remove applications that users find unnecessary. It seems that Apple has heard the requests of consumers and made adjustments over the years but it does not come close to the options from Android operating system. There is a drawback for all of that freedom with Android however.

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