Apollo: The Moon Landing Which Triumphed Above All Others

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At about 3000 feet above the moon’s surface, Neil Armstrong noticed that all across the landing site there were many scattered clumps of craters and boulders. At 300 feet, and descending the superb pilot managed to quickly maneuver his spacecraft slightly left in order to avoid the debris and gently landed his spacecraft among an area of smooth land. Upon arrival, Neil Armstrong recited the first words ever spoken on the moon.  Houston, Tranquility base here.

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The Eagle has landed (Spangenburg 60). On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong accomplished what John F. Kennedy had dreamed of only 8 years earlier. To land a man on the moon, by the end of the decade (NASA). Apollo 11 was a great technological triumph in space. This historic mission caused massive boosts in the patriotism and confidence of Americans, received support from political figures, showcased American superiority in space, and provided mankind with many new technologies, and a wealth of information on multiple scientific fields.

There were many events taking place at the time of the moon landing which affected the Apollo 11 flight. After World War 2, relationships between the Soviet Union and America grew tense. Since the Soviet Union was under communist rule, nearby countries such as Vietnam were afraid that the Soviets would force their rule upon them (Spangenburg 13). This difference in way of life was what sparked the Cold War which was a tragic war which consisted of the U.S and the soviet union fighting for influence and prestige (Cole, 11). This war sparked a more peaceful competition known as the space race. By 1957 the Soviets developed a rocket which could carry a small satellite into earth’s orbit, and by means of this technology, they launched Sputnik 1, the first satellite in space (Riper 14). In response the US created its own space program,

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