Anxiety and Occurrences in a Past

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My theory on Nikolas is based on Psychoanalytic Theory, founded by Sigmund Freud. Freud believed that events in our childhood have a great influence on our adult lives, shaping our character. Anxiety deriving from stressful occurrences in a person’s past is concealed from consciousness and may be harmful during adulthood. Nikolas is a 33 years old man who suffers from anxiety and after his brother passed away due to alcoholism his anxiety attacks increased.

Nikolas might feel guilty about his brother’s sudden death because of leaving his brother live by himself. After Nikolas’s brother passed away his life changed dramatically, and his anxiety increased. His lack of employment, low self-esteem, and poor social skills are a factor for his anxiety. He’s having thoughts that he’s going to die and feels very unsecured. Nikolas is normally by himself and is afraid to date due to fears of being rejected.

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As Nikolas’s therapist I will utilize some of Freud’s Defense Mechanisms. It’s possible that because of Nikolas’s overwhelming anxiety attacks he is going thru Regression, a defense mechanism used when the ego is threatened, a person may use this mechanism to go back to an earlier stage of development that was less stressful and less mature in order to cope with current anxiety. Denial Defense mechanism by not accepting the reality that his brother died due complications of alcoholism. Repression Defense mechanism by having painful memories from his childhood stored in the unconscious, or Projection Defense mechanism by blaming others and believing God is punishing him.

I will focus in restructuring Nikolas’s personality and not only diminishing symptoms or unscrambling problems. I will apply Freud’s psychoanalytic therapy (with the analyst seeing the client one to three times a week, usually face to face) have two main goals of therapy: to help him bring the unconscious to conscious awareness and to strengthen the ego so that an individual is less influenced by instinctual drives of the id or demanding perfectionistic standards of the superego and freer to act in more realistic ways. (Tan, 2011). During the session I will ask him questions about his childhood; if there are any painful or uncomfortable situations that come to mind at this time, or if he had or has any dreams that he would like to share with me. I will ask Nikolas to keep a record of his dreams and to talk about his dreams openly with me. Advised him that he can feel free to tell me anything that comes to mind and that the wording doesn’t have to be perfect. By doing this we will be able to find situations of his early child hood or previous events that contributed to Nikolas’s health condition. As Nikola’s therapist I will strive to have a good working alliance with my client.

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