Anti-Aging A Step Back in The Value of Life

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In recent years, a new field in biotechnology has rose: anti-aging. By use of stem cells taken from an embryo, scientists hope to use these self-replicating, multi-purpose cells to repair any degeneration that may occur as humans age. With the Baby Boom generation beginning to reach their time, skincare companies and researchers alike are trying to milk aging individuals fear of, well, aging.

There are ethical concerns in regard to this issue. The matter of using human embryos that are chiefly for reproduction for other causes, and many question the ethics of intervening with one of life’s most natural process.

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As the average life expectancy of Americans continues to rise, reaching an average of 78 in 2010, scientists are in a race to find key to the evasive fountain of youth. Yet, above the ethical concerns and implications, the questions still remains: is it really worth it?

Yes, it’s cool to think that one day, the average age of a human being could reach as high as 150 years of age, and the science behind cell regeneration and replacement is, I’ll admit, pretty bitchin’, what good would a thousands of really old people truly contribute to our society? With government healthcare cost projections already at a sky-high of nearly 83 million dollars in the next thirty years, the cost to keep an even larger number of elderly people alive would lead this already unsustainable cost to reach an even further max. With elderly people already expending upwards of 60 percent of Medicare, do we even have enough money to live longer?

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