Anne’s Transformation In The Diary Of A.Frank

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In the Diary of Anne Frank, we get to see Anne change from a child to a woman during her two years in hiding at the Secret Annex. Anne matured mentally and grew in knowledge during her time in hiding. Her difficult situation was made more complex by her puberty.

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She had difficult relationships with her family and The Van Daan family. She starts off her diary as a sensitive but silly thirteen-year-old that was full of life and optimism. By the end of the diary, we barely recognize the Anne we knew from the first diary entries. Her changes are complicated and cover many elements of her personality. There is a definite contrast in her levels of maturity from the beginning of the diary to the end of the diary.

As Anne matures emotionally and physically, she gets her first period, she begins to recognize her shift from childhood to adolescence. Her thinking becomes more sophisticated. One of the biggest changes seen in Anne’s diary is her feelings for Peter van Daan, a boy that was hiding with her at the Secret Annex. When she first meets Peter, she finds him to be shy, awkward, lazy, an obnoxious dope. She was an arrogant, wild, mean-spirited child. In the beginning they have no real connection except for the dreadful situations that have brought them together. Over time she learns to endure him.

Anne starts showing a more sensitive side and a willingness to be more open. They work on getting to know each other and develop a mutual attraction.

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