Animation Influence in Pop Culture

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Just like in animation, culture is varied throughout all the parts of the world, from food, style, history, traditions, art, fashion and even in religion. In other parts of the world, the word has a complicated meaning, since culture is varied worldwide and has no fixed meaning. However, no matter what the meaning is or the differences, the one thing culture has in common everywhere is that it can be learned and understood, if one wants to understand the culture of other countries, worldwide.

American Cartoons, Comics and World War I & II

American cartoons are very popular not only in America, but in other aspects of the world, going back as early as 1909 to 1920, before and after WWI.

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WWI was when comics were used as a means of distracting someone from the reality of destruction and the loss of lives in the war. Ironically, comics were not ones to shy away from cartoon violence, murder or even death but during this time, the early comic artist and storywriters did the opposite, with the risk of many banned subjects being challenged.

One comic in particular did touch on the subject of WWI; Charley’s War by Pat Mills, which tells the story of the main character. Englishman Charley Bourne, as he grew up from a 16 year old boy to a married soldier, during the war and how he dealt with it. However, the comic was classified as being offensive and childish, to cover up the harsh reality of war being a serious thing.

Comic makers also have to be wary of how they create their comics, as it could spell out major trouble if they went too far; i.e. on an international level unless we are talking about aliens or space. However, comics took a big change after the end of WWII, where the theme of war was not acceptable and either had to be toned down or discarded all together.

An example of this is this comic page, featuring Usagi Miyamoto, an anthromorphic rabbit (who sometimes crosses over with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise).

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