Animal Testing Should Continue

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Animal testing should continue you to be a legal and viable option to research. Animal testing has been used for centuries dating all the way back to 300 BC. Since its origin, animal testing has been an efficient way of making medical and biological breakthroughs.

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If it were not fro animal models who or what could we test on? There would be a very limited amount of people who would want to be a test subject in these studies. Animal testing is a necessity to ensure the well being of humans by curing diseases and epidemics, assisting endangered animals, and making sure cosmetics and drugs are safe for human use.

The first vaccine ever created was for Smallpox. Smallpox is a disease that plagued the world causing some survivors to go blind. According to the National Center for Biological Information (NCBI), It is believed to have appeared around 10,000 BC, at the time of the first agricultural settlements in northeastern Africa,(Riedel). This disease had been around for almost 12,000 years before there was any type of cure. For 12,000 years, people suffered with no certainty that they would overcome the disease.

Smallpox played a key role in the demise of the Aztec’s civilization, and would have wiped out most of Europe if a vaccine were never developed. This disease would kill around 400,000 people annually in the 18th century (Riedel). Smallpox was spread from direct contact with a person who had it. Smallpox had flu like symptoms and killed a large amount of people who contracted it. The virus killed people in the Old and New World spreading from continent to continent.

Three hundred million people have died from the disease known as small pox. The world was looking at another super bug. Thanks to Edward Jenner and animal testing, he was able to successfully create a vaccine that saved millions of lives. Edward Jenner was able to take notice of how milkmaids never contracted smallpox, but instead ended up catching cowpox’s.

He made an assumption that this was because cowpox’s ended up acting as a vaccine for the milkmaid. Jenner wanted to prove that this was the case so he injected a young boy with pus from a boil infected with cowpox’s. Jenner waited, and then he exposed the boy to smallpox. The boy never contracted smallpox’s. The boy was immune. Today, smallpox is ultimately eradicated form Earth (Riedel). This would have never been possible without the ability to test and experiment on animals.

There are many medical breakthroughs that go on within the world of biomedical research. The way they do this is through using animals as test models. There are regulations that protect animals in these studies, and for the most part the scientific community takes care of these animals by hiring veterinarians.

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