Andrew Jackson and Federal Government

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Andrew Jackson believed in creating a nation that had a federal government who would protect national interest without interfering in state matters, yet when he was elected, only appointed his supporters to federal vaccancies. He also developed the nation’s government from a republic, which only allowed landowners to vote, to a mass democracy, which allowed all white men from any socioeconomic status to vote. During his presidency, Andrew Jackson created a democracy that expanded suffrage through the Indian Removal Act, opposed the Second Bank of the United States, and maintained power during the Nullification Crisis.

As white settlers moved west, they encountered tribes of Native Americans who were settled on land that would eventually become U.S territory. Through the Indian Removal Act, President Jackson was able to use military and economical power to forcefully remove Indians from their homelands. The Trail of Tears was a tragic event during Jackson’s presidency. Thousands of Cherokee Indians were removed from their homeland in Georgia to what is now known as present day Oklahoma. Determined by Boyer, during and just after the removal, eight thousand Cherokees, which was more than one-third of the nation, died. (Boyer 9.1-4) Through a series of multiple treaties the United States invoked their land titles and moved many Native Americans west of the Mississippi. In the Indian Removal Defend President Andrew Jackson explained how these barters would expand territory improve the United States. As stated by Jackson, opening the territories that were north and south to white settlements, it would incalculably strengthen the southwestern frontier.. (Jackson, Indian Removal Defended, 1830)

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As President Andrew Jackson opposed the Bank of America he objected to many laws.

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