Ancient Egyptian and Their Religion

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When thinking about Ancient Egyptian and their religion many tend to forget how important and serious Egyptians take death. It is shown that Egyptians have a specific preparation for death especially on how death is handled and making sure to keep a certain ceremony for death and the many beliefs about those dead alive. Egyptians strongly believed in the afterlife and its complete existence. They believed that the afterlife was more important than life itself. Which is why they made sure to put their main focus on the preparation of death, mummification and the tomb itself.

The Egyptians chose to maintain their focus on what occurred once someone had died. Egyptians had a strict preparing on an Egyptians body after death for preservation in the afterlife they were destined to. They made sure that the steps were followed carefully and made sure that mummification process was done correctly. When Egyptians would mummify the body, they would begin by taking each organ from the body and placing them in certain places located inside the tomb or on the mummies body. They did this to ensure there was more preservation after death. They also strongly believed that communication with those that had passed was very significant in order to maintain the peace and spirits feel welcomed and yet somehow alive.

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During the New Kingdom Era, ancient Egyptians were very much well prepared for death. According to Silverman, While all societies must confront death, fewif anyhave confronted it so directly or so elaborately as did the ancient Egyptians (132). Although majority of people insinuated that Egyptians were obsessed with death, they were not necessarily wrong. Egyptians were indeed obsessed with death, but it was a part of their beliefs and culture. It’s what each Egyptian group up knowing and believing their entire lives. Like said previously the Egyptians main focus was the preparation after death. Once a new king has been chosen Egyptians begin the Pharaohs tomb even before death just to make sure it is well prepared and fitted for a Pharaoh and its journey towards the afterlife. Egyptians were prepared for death and they were even more prepared to make sure that they were taken into the afterlife properly. Their main focus was to make sure that life in the afterlife was as good as it would be in their human life or even better. That is why they chose to take their time and show its importance on death and its value once gone. Silverman also states, the Egyptian desired to continue his or her earthly life as far as possible after deathwith personality, social ranking, family and even possessions intactalbeit with newly acquired divine status (132). It was believed by most people that the Egyptians were obsessed with death itself, but their funerary rituals were primarily concerned not with the pangs of death itself,

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