Ancient Egypt Trade

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Ancient Egypt was one of the earliest, but most advanced, civilizations. But even they had to trade to get everything they needed. Egyptians traded many things, with different people, and in varying ways. Trade started in Mesopotamia and Egypt is very close to Mesopotamia. Because of this, both of them became trade partners. Not many people know about Egyptian trade, and that was just a few facts. If you decide to learn more about it, you will too be introduced to an interesting topic.

Did you know ancient Egyptians traded various things? Some of these items included; gold, ebony, papyrus, linen, grain, cedar wood, copper, iron, ivory, the stone, lapis lazuli, wine, elephants, incense, beer, silk, glass, dyes, tin, pearls, horses and wool. They also traded bronze, pottery, animal skins, olive oil, perfume, barley, bread, fruit, vegetables, turquoise, and grain. All of these objects can be found in the countries and cities found, near, or in Egypt.

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If the Egyptians were going to trade, they had to get their resources from somewhere. Ancient Egypt traded with the following countries of Upper Egypt, Lower Egypt, Mesopotamia, Levant, Libya, Nubia, Lebanon, Canaan, Ancient Rome, Crete, Ancient Greece, Cyprus, Phoenicia, Persia, India, and Afghanistan. These places are northeast of the significant country of Egypt. Egypt, like other places, traded to get things they needed or did not have access to in their homeland.

Beyond who the Egyptians traded with, they traded in multiple ways. Splash! The boat just hit an immense wave as they passed over a cataract. The traders stumble back but are used to this bad weather.

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