Analyzing the Problem Human Trafficking

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Human Trafficking isn’t something that numerous individuals think much about, so when adopting an interdisciplinary strategy and pulling two disciplines together to help recommend an answer can be extremely testing. Take law enforcement officers and their lack of education on the subject (Grubb and Bennett, 2012). The U.S has many laws that do not allow human trafficking as well as many policies.

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Even with that, many criminals still engage in this kind of illegal trafficking activity. With that being said, this huge problem happening all over not just the U.S. , but the world needs to be presented through an interdisciplinary standpoint.
Stating the Problem

Grubb and Bennett (2012) stated since the 1990s, human trafficking or ?trafficking in persons’ has been brought to the forefront of criminal justice issues, sparking international anti-trafficking effort among human rights proponents, governments entities and law enforcement agencies throughout the world. Human trafficking is still a problem and the current anti-trafficking efforts are just not enough in bringing down the criminals partaking in this. So what more is there that we can do to stop this? Cameras play a big role in just about the average person in today’s society. Smartphones cameras, traffic stop cameras. ATM cameras, and home security cameras are just few of the everyday cameras we come into contact on the daily. There is also high tech systems that are able to use facial recognition to track people. So with this type of technology in this day and age how are todays heroes, law enforcement, utilizing different systems and software’s to narrow down the whereabouts of victims and suspects involved?

Justifying an Interdisciplinary Approach

Human trafficking, has been a problem, and a hard one at that because it faces a threat to all social classes and no laws have currently made a drastic effect. With the advances in technology in the last decade it helps us in solving this problem. The discipline of computer science helps us help solve this issue through technology which is crucial. Organizational leadership is another discipline to help solve the problem because law enforcement can get the training they need to use the software and high tech surveillance systems. Mainly, they need to know how to use those systems as it pertains to this problem of human trafficking. With the integration of the disciplines, computer science and organizational leadership, true success can come out of lowering the illegal activity of human trafficking and finding victims beforetime runs out.

Identification of Relevant Disciplines

Many disciplines could have been used for Human trafficking, including but not limiting sociology and law for reasons that may seem obvious. For research on this specific focus question the disciplines of computer science and Organizational leadership applied better.

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