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The objective of this report is to monitor and analyse the trading performance of Westpac Banking Corporation 3 weeks prior and three weeks after adjacent to its media release of its 2009 Profit Announcement for the year ending 4th November 2009. This data recorded will be used to calculate the effect that Westpac’s accounting announcement has on shareholders confidence, and the relationship between shareholder reactions and share performance. This report will also provide a detailed description of any changes that occur which may have some degree of influence on Westpac Bank’s share price.

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If found these feats will be graphed and held in comparison to leading competitors in the same field. Westpac Bank is one of the biggest banking corporations in Australia. Westpac provides a wide range of services including institutional and commercial banking, retail services and wealth management services in New Zealand and Australian markets. Westpac Bank was publicly listed on the stock exchange on July 18th 1970. Currently Westpac Bank has over … branches in Australia… Westpac Banking Corporation contends directly with Commonwealth Bank Australia (CBA) and Australian and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ) in its finance and banking industry. Westpac Bank is Australia’s oldest bank and holds a prestige reputation in the banking field. Westpac Banking Corporation also incorporates a number of acquisitions such as St. George Bank Bt Financial Group FOOTNOTE 1 Westpac Banking Corporation is a publicly listed company which trades on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).


On the 4th August 2009, Westpac Banking Corporation produced a profit announcement for the year ended the 30th of September 2009 FOOTNOTE 2. Westpac’s announcement included that of 3,446 million after tax, FOOTNOTE 3 which was released through to the general public by media release from Westpac whilst also reported in several newspapers. WBC. (2009). Westpac Banking Corporation-Investor Discussion Pack. Retrieved 13th February, 2009. From WBC (2009). Westpac Banking Corporation-Westpac Investor Discussion Pack. Retrieved 13th February. 2009, from WBC. (2009. 4th November 2009). Westpac 2009 Full year Result Announcement. 4th November 2009. 2009, from The announcement of 3,446 million after tax proved a very solid profit margin for Westpac’s financial year. A growth of 9% was recorded in the core earnings of according to the year 2009 comparison to 2008’s net profit. FOOTNOTE 4

Expected Impact of Announcement (Prior to the 4th November)

Through examination of Westpac Banking Corporations share prices leading up to the 4th of November 2009 on the ASX (Australian Securities exchange) website, one possible situation was predicted and are as presented The share prices for Westpac Banking Corporation would see a dramatic increase due to restored confidence in the publicly listed company. The profit announcement of 3,446 million dollars for Westpac’s financial year ending September 30th 2009 would have created a sense of strength for investors of the company,

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