Analysis The Novel Of Mice And Men

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Challenging Words: Scowl He stiffened and a scowl came on his face (Steinbeck 74). An angry or bad tempered expression.Hunched Lennie hunched down on the little barrel (Steinbeck 77). Raise (one’s shoulders) and bend the top of one’s body forward.Blabbin A guy can talk to you an be sure you wont go blabbin (Steinbeck 78). Reveal secrets by indiscreet talk.

Summary: Lennie walks in to Crooks and talk to him. At first Crook does not want him in his room, but then he letr’s in. Plus Crooks likes the company. Lennie starts to talk about the dream farm, which he is not suppose to talk about. Crooks does not believe Lennie because he is not normal. Then Candy comes in, and start to talk about the dream farm. Now the Crooks believes the dream house because Candy is normal. Crooks says he wants in. Then Curley’s wife comes in and starts to talk about her relationship with her husband and how it is not working. They tell her to go away but she doesn’t. The only reason she is there is because she is trying to get with the men, but they know if they get with her they are going to get fired and beat up.

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Conflict: Itr’s character vs character because Curleyr’s wife is flirting with them. Curleyr’s wife can get them fired and beat up. And that’s the last thing there trying to do. Crooks tells Curleyr’s wife Maybe you better go along to your own home house now. We dont want no trouble (Steinbeck 85).

They know if they try to get with her they are going to be in trouble. Curley’s wife is a trap.Character vs self because Lennie tells Crooks that they are going to get a dream house. Crook does not believe him because he is not normal. Even though itr’s true, and he is not supposed to tell anybody. Lennie tells Crooks Gonna get a little place an live on the fatta the lan (Steinbeck 76). Lennie has already spilled the beans which he promised to keep with George. There is already three people involved Candy, George, Lennie.

Theme: Lennie can not keep a secret. He has to tell everybody. The funny part is that he does not realize that he is spilling the secret. The only reason he told Crooks was because he thought he was lying. Crooks shouts to Lennie Youre nuts. Youre crazy as wedge. What rabbits are you talking about (Steinbeck 76). When they bring uo the rabbit part, that is when Lennie spills the secret. Crooks called Lennie a Liar. Lennie trying to prove Crooks statement said No I ain’t. Then that lead him to spill the secret. Crooks did not believe him because Lennie is disabled,

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