Analysis Of Whitman’s And Dickinson’s Poems

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Poems are used to express elaborate and difficult concepts in simplistic and meaningful ways. There are many different ways to express your views when it comes to poems. There are a multitude of different formats, including haiku’s, epics, and narrative.

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With each individually idual format, more creative and different ways of expressing a thought or idea can occur. Comparisons will occur when you see a multitude of poems with different formats. When comparing two poems, an analyzation of the language used, format, and overall thought or idea must take place. When comparing two poems such as a Walt Whitman (I Hear America Singing) or a Emily Dickinson (712), many similarities and differences will arise. The poems are different in the sense that they both have a different outlook. The poems are similar in the way that they use figurative language and the poems are both in a narrative format.

Walt Whitman’s I Hear America Singing and Emily Dickinson’s 712 are poems that differ mainly by their outlook on life and the environment. Walt Whitman’s poem uses many cheerful and jubilous events and paints a picture of a happy and peaceful environment. For example, in I Hear America Singing, Walt Whitman makes everyone sing to depict joy, The carpenter singing the mason singing the boatmaker singing (Whitman). By making everyone in the poem sing, Whitman is implying that they must be enjoying themselves and not dealing with any hardship. He is also trying to express that everyone in America has their own tiny part in making the country what it is, by contributing through their work, specifically the sounds of their work. Contrasting the cheerful and positive outlook of Walt Whitman’s poem is Emily Dickinson’s 712. In 712, the poem deals with an experience or idea of death. The poem describes, from the narrator’s perspective, a person recanting their experiences in life and inching closer to death. This can be a probable conclusion due to Dickinson saying, Since then —

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