Analysis of UK McDonald’s Sales Decline

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The aim of this report is to analyse the current situation of McDonalds as an organisation in the UK market and to evaluate their current sales decline. The primary focus is to provide a detailed analysis of the organisation and its position in the UK market, developing a link between declining sales and the overall shift in consumer behaviour. The report initially provides an overview of McDonalds as an organisation.

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This is followed by a detailed evaluation of the firm’s current position in the market which links back to why sales are declining for the firm and what are the root causes for this in the business. This is followed by a recommendations section which develops a ground up strategy for the organisation to improve its performance in the UK market.

McDonald’s Overview

McDonald’s UK is part of the larger group called McDonald’s, which operates in over 100 countries. The organisation reported a revenue of $33 billion in 2014 and has over 400,000 employees worldwide (McDonald’s Annual Report, 2014). As an organisation the firm operates over 36,000 outlets which is more than any other retailer across the globe. Before moving on, it needs to be highlighted that while McDonald’s operates with a global ‘menu’, the organisation also develops bespoke products for some of the markets based on demand in the region (BBC, 2014).

McDonald’s in the UK

McDonald’s is a well-known fast-food brand in the UK. It operates at over 3000 locations and has seen growth over the past 10 year (McDonald’s Annual Report, 2014). However, recently, McDonald’s across the globe and in the UK highlighted a consistent decline in sales. Millington (2014) states that McDonald’s has reported a drop in sales by 4% in the UK, which highlight that the firm is not on the same growth path as it used to be. Similar article was published by Bold (2015) where the author highlighted that the growth pattern of McDonald’s has stopped and the firm, for the first time in 45 years, is re-structuring due to a rapid decline in sales. This is critical for a firm that operates at a global scale, a 4% drop is effectively billions of dollars that the firm is unable to convert. Neilan (2014) states that from an earnings point of view the overall decline is GBP 3.8billion which is a significant number.

The Cause of this Decline

While the previous section clearly highlights a downward trend in McDonald’s market share in the UK, it is important to examine the overall cause of why this is happening. Doyle and Stern (2006) state that the UK market is one of the most rapidly declining fast food industries in Europe. This indicates that there is a change in trend within the market that is impacting the fast food business the market.

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