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Short film: The Chaperone

Have you ever seen anything so moving, so much so that it touches your soul? The Chaperones is exactly that. This short film takes place in the early 1970’s with two exclusive narrators Ralph and Stefan. In this short film the events that are shown are based on a true story, accompanied by some handmade animations and plenty of miniature sets. The Chaperone a film by Fraser Munden encourages the importance of standing up for ourselves.

As the short film starts the narrator explains in simple detail the mindset of a student, how they correlate teachers with school. With a first-person narrated feel, it is explained that educators are seen in a certain type of light, they are special and absolutely not human. Ralph, the school teacher in this film, was oddly dressed in basketball shorts as he always did in order to play basketball, like any other person; This of course was incredibly strange to all his students, as they were shocked to see a teacher in human clothes, woah. Setting up the mood for the short film.

Diving into this film, we are given a sense of utopia. Taking place in the Montreal, 1973, the story begins to unfold. The setting takes place in a church basement dance that is held every Friday night. Most of the participants in this dance ranged from the age of 12-14 years old, an innocent age. Of course, the chaperones that were entrusted that night consisted of Stefan “ a disk jockey, Peter “ working at the refreshments counter, and Ralph “ the appointed chaperone, which is also the teacher from beforehand wearing the basketball attire. A very wholesome group of individuals. This is where the trouble begins.

As any other tame Friday night, everyone was having a good time at the dance. Suddenly, a group of bikers came strolling in with intention of creating chaos, most ranging from 18-40 years old. These bikers, twenty or so of them, are explained to be different with their leather jackets, tattoos, gang affiliation, drugs, and no sense of respect “ simply scary.

With the intention of dominating that church, the bikers begin to torment the students/young crowd, dousing them with beer, picking up the incredibly young girls and placing them on their much older lap, and finally peacocking, as explained by the two narrators, Stefan and Ralph, as staying in a group and showing off their ability to intimidate others with their frightening appearance. We are then introduced to a new form of intimidation, miniature sets.

The miniature sets were built to personify the feel of when anyone goes into a frightening neighborhood but is surprisingly represented by puppets. Absolutely terrifying. These puppets create the outlook of regular folk being driven by a pink sheep dog in the bad part of the city. This pink sheep dog represents a more powerful leader and the human like puppets represent the quite ignorant and scared part of humanity.

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