Analysis Of The book Of Men an Mice by John Steinbeck

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The book is about two migrant field workers in Salinas California during the Great Depression. The two characters I will tell about are George Milton, a smart man with a quick mind who can handle any situation that he comes up against him and his associate Lenny Small, who is a very large man, who doesnt realize his own strength and he is mentally disabled. He thinks like a child, asks lot of questions and forgets everything accept his love for bunnies and having a home for them.

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The two get pared up as his aunt who raised him is dying and she gets George to take care of him before she dies.

About George Milton:

I heard about a work opportunity and I knew we would have to outdo everyone to get on in these hard times and I am just the man to do This! Days are hard and long but I push forward, get two work cards, two bus tickets and were off! Itr’s so frustrating that I have to keep repeating where were going and what were doing as Lennyr’s short term memory is gone, yet somehow he remembers our plan, our dream. The dream for him is taking care of the rabbits, for me it is so much more. A couple acres, a homestead, planting my own crops, going to the show, living off the fat of the land. These are hard times, but not for me because I am a man with a plan.

Arriving a day late as the bus driver tricked me saying this was the last stop because he didnt want to drive out to the job site. We spent the night almost there by the river side, I told Lenny if you ever get in trouble you come back here and wait for me, staythereuntil I come for you, understand? How I hoped that he would understand. Today as we are walking in, I know I am going to have to impress the boss man to take us on. Her’s apprehensive but as I prove to him that Im the brains and Lennyr’s strength is limitless, were in. In the back of my mind I am worried as we got ran out off the last town because Lenny loves soft things and as he got overly excited touching a bar maids dress, he was up for attempted rape, barely escaping were here now, on the job and I am actually working 24 hours a day looking after this man. Why did I take this man on, plays over and over with my mind. Why did I promise the ole lady to take care of him?

Everyone has a story. Candy, the bosses secretary,

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