Analysis Of Ronald Reagan’s Election Eve Speech

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On November 3, 1980, Ronald Reagan delivered what is called the Election Eve Address to engage America by discussing the issues approaching America. Reagan provided answers for these problems and focused on the idea that America was once unique and superior because of their freedom and liberty. People praised America all over the world, striving to become it, and have watched it take a turn downhill, representing the idea: American Exceptionalism.

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Reagan focuses on this in his address and breaks up his speech into four key parts in order to present a clear perspective to the nation and leave the audience with something to think about.

The first division of his address begins with the many disappointments both Reagan and the nations people hold with their government. Reagan responds to temporary liberalism and the issue of government intervention, while exercising individual freedom over federal power. Both Reagan and agreeing citizens, discussed their overall dissatisfaction with the federal government as the time of the 1980 election approached. They believed their dissatisfaction was caused by previous events, leaders, and matters building up. Reagan stated, Many of us are unhappy about our worsening economic problems, about the constant crisis atmosphere in our foreign policy, about our diminishing prestige around the globe, about the weakness in our economy and national security that jeopardizes world peace, about our lack of strong, straight-forward leadership (Reagan, p.1). He emphasizes the idea that things are still worsening if there is no change introduced and that the government contains too much control. Reagan focuses his attention to leaders from the past and his belief that they are the reason for the nations breakdown. The nation experienced a period of extreme inflation and this effected many people, in addition to the economy. America’s economy was suffering and many people were taken from their jobs, leading to a high unemployment rate and many bankrupt businesses. Reagan’s idea of this mention was to explain that he was here to help the United States through this downfall. He wanted to present the distressing matters in the economy to clearly show the nation they were facing a difficult time. He promises to bring the best leaders he can to government in order to improve the nation for the American people.

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