An Issue Of Greek Genocide

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 The Turkish nationalist movement was a revolutionary reform group that centralized its existence on eradicating the regime of the infamous Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid ll. The Turk’s movement premise was to inaugurate a government that was just and constitutional, and to dethrone Abdulhamid once and for all. The goal became more transparent as time progressed, and in 1889 a conspiracy towards Abdulhamid caught the attention of everybody in the city, and as a result, a revolution was being constructed by the minds of college students to overthrow Abdulhamid.

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The most notable mastermind behind this conspiracy was Ahmed Riza, who was apart of a Young Turkish movement known as the Committee of Union and Progress. This committee’s ideology was one of a sturdy, collective government without the presence of foreign influences.

Moving along towards the actual genocide, the Ottoman Empire provoked the mass extermination of the Greeks. Within the time period between 1914 to 1923, the disruption and consequences of World War I, the Ottoman Empire, the Republic of Turkey’s predecessor, was all subject to a systematic and organized annihilation according to an article written by the Institute on the Holocaust&Genocide in Jerusalem. This genocide in simple terms was orchestrated to assure the abrupt ending of Turkey’s Greek population. This act was a joint collaboration of two governments; the perpetrators were the Young Turks and the nationalists of Kemalists. This mass extermination consisted of death marches and massacres all across Ottoman Turkey, as they were described. The total number of those who perished is close to one million Ottoman Greeks, and appalling number noted by historians.

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