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Chapter 1. NEXT Plc Investment Report (December 2010).

1.1 NEXT Plc:-

This investor report will cover all key areas such as cash generation, income, management of assets, quality of investment made, performance in the relative sector and dividend policy and cost of capital. On the basis of current and past performance of the company and data provided in different annual sheets and news of the company, this report will help give a clear picture as to whether an investor should sell, hold or buy shares of Next plc.

1.2 Next Plc Introduction:-

Next Plc is one of the biggest clothing retail organisations in United Kingdom. Next Plc is known as excellent quality fashion, value for money, beautifully designed and accessories for women, men and children and together a complete range of home-ware. Organisation has 500 stores all over UK and Eire. Next plc has next directory, shopping catalogue of home and website which has 2 million and more customers all over 30 countries globally. Next as an international Plc has more than 180 operating stores all over Europe, middle east, Russia, Scandinavia, Japan and India. This organisation’s retail operation started in year 1982 and listed on London stock exchange and member of FTSE100 index. Next Plc started online shopping in year 1999 and the website serves more than 35 countries outside the United Kingdom through which is an international website of organisation.

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1.3 Groups other businesses:

Next Sourcing as a venture through, which sources, designs, and buys brand products; Lipsy a venture through, which designing and selling of Lipsy brand products to young women’s fashion products through the website, retail and wholesale channels; and Ventura, which offers customer service to clients, wishes to outsource their customer contact administration and fulfilment activities.

1.4 Business strategies and objective:-

The strategy of Next plc is to deliver continuous productivity in long term growth of the earning per share. Developing and Improving Next product ranges, in order to achieve success which reflects the total like for like sales performance and sales. The Next plc also focuses on Increasing the Next selling space and profitability ratio, meeting financial criteria for appraisal for new stores before the investment is made and level of success is measured and monitored by the profit and sales contribution as compared the appraised focused target. Increasing the number of Next Directory customers and their average spend as well as managing of net and gross margin through sourcing of the products, and efficient administration of stock, regular cost controlling and management of working capital. Apart from this the group also focuses on the maintaining the financial strengths by strong financing structure and balance sheet figures. Lastly, Next also plans to buy their share when earning enhances in the interest of shareholder as overall.

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