An Investigation of the Importance of Standardized Tests

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This research will be about whether the standardized test is a fair system to be used to measure students’ success both academically and professionally. The researcher will explain that it is important because not all students are able to test at the same level. Some students have a learning disability, and some students get so stressed out about the test and fail because of the pressure being placed on the test.

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The problem the researcher will be addressing is that the standardized test is being used to measure students academic and professional success. The hypothesis the researcher will be examining is that, should the standardized test determine every students’ success. The researcher will be using the mixed method to address this topic. The researcher will be using graphs, charts, surveys, and also interviews. The researcher will conclude that standardized tests should not be a predictor of students’ success academically and professionally.


Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts. (Churchill) For too long the success of students has been based on the standardized test, based on what the College Board believes every student should know. Your success should be based on you as an individual student, not the standardized test. Every student’s success should not be based on a test that is made for only a specific group of students who have the materials to pass the test, and the test is designed to help them pass. The standardized test should be made so every student has a chance to succeed. Some students have a learning disability, these students learn different ways and it is not fair that the amount of success will be measured by a test might not be mentally ready for. For some students, the test is just too stressful, and the thought of what failure can do bothers and evidentially will cause the student to fail. Nearly judging students based on tests scores is not fair.


The standardized test has been in existence for as long as the 19th Century. It was created to determine students’ past academic achievements and future potentials. (According to The Room 241 Team) It is supposed to determine achievements and potential but instead, it is measuring students’ success rate. That is one of the problems with the standardized testing. The importance has been so stressed in the past that standardized tests still presently exist, but exist for the wrong reasons. The standardized now is like a life or death test, but in this case, a fail or succeed test. The College Board should try to help students succeed more not measure the level of their future success rate. In the future, this might still be a problem due to the current situations going on.

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