An Integrity vs. Rules

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The Google definition of integrity is the qualities of being honest and having strong moral principles. These can be exemplified through staying true to ones self teachings, public service, or even small acts of kindness. Thus showing that when people break the rules to demonstrate their personal values; they are showing strength and personal fortitude to lessons learned. This means that rule following isnt always a requirement because, in some circumstances, people must methodically weigh the consequences versus the benefits of cheating for survival and public good.

In times of extreme stress and pressure from the classroom, life, or even war, people must cheat to survive. Cheating breaks the rules of the classroom, society, but can be justified by outside pressure and extreme expectations. Students in schools are compared to others intelligence through state standardized tests, grades, gpas, and SAT or ACT test scores that decide which college they go to. This intimidates many students and stresses them out. This causes many of them to look for alternative ways to succeed. Students feel responsibility in school from parents to get good grades and make it into a good college. There is usually pressure or something significant going on in a students life in which theyre not getting enough support to do this work, so cheating becomes a coping mechanism. (Walker).

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People arent born in life wanting to cheat in life and get ahead of others. This mindset is taught through high standards and comparison to others in school, such as; tests, projects, and grades. Students under scrutiny for high test scores feel the need to cheat to please others and feel validated in their school work that they work so hard on. If a student tries the best they can and cant get the grades they want; they turn to cheating to help them achieve their burdensome goals. While in reality, adults should be supporting the student and not put so much stress on grades and test scores. Students recognize cheating, but blame it on others. Adults and peer pressure play a big role in the stigma surrounding the increased level of cheating. When students cheat they usually cite individual misjudgement on the part of themselves or their peers, they also pointed to external factors and the climate and structure of the school, namely pressure they felt from adults and their peers. (Walker) Adults wanting their students to achieve the best of their abilities often dont know when the academic pressure is too much.

Expectations of straight As and perfect SAT scores must be set aside for the student to feel relaxed at home and in the classroom. This will improve their performance and cause a less corrupted learning environment that doesnt only focus on scores. Parents may compare their child to their siblings or other friends,

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