An Influence Of Stereotypes

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Stereotypes have a open-ended power on the individual. What is a stereotype and the true power they hold? How do stereotypes affect an individual? You are an individual living in america that is supposed to be free from hatred, oppression, and subjugation. If we are supposed to live free from all of theses dividing things why do we throw stereotypes in our culture?.

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If we take a deep look into movies, books , commercials , music ect.. There is a pattern of us telling groups of people what they are to represent. Legally blonde, The breakfast club and countless other classic movies in our pop culture raised generations to learn who they are. This lead to our generation, friends, and family to think they are nothing more than what they have been told to be. Stereotypes are bullying us to believe segregation is okay so we end up in a path of havoc; But we have to choose if we will follow it through havoc or fight against it.

A stereotype is a popular oversimplified image or idea of a type of person or thing. We all know what people say and think about us should not matter to us or affect us in anyway. As humans with emotion and feelings we start to allow stereotypes to have control or power over us .This happens when stereotypes reach our insecurities, our flaws, our every imperfection. Stereotypes have so much power over us because we allow them to. We do not give it a boundary or limit so they hit us in our weakest areas.

People allow stereotypes to control them a lot more than what we think. This can be shown in Multiculturalism Threatens American Culture Paragraph 5 ,They are part of a global crisis in national identity, coefficients of the sudden collapse of self-confidence in the West”a collapse that shows itself in everything from swiftly falling birthrates in “old Europe” to the attack on the whole idea of the sovereign nation state. It is hard to avoid thinking that a people that has lost the will to reproduce or govern itself is a people on the road to destruction. Places like the sovereign nation or old europe have undergo so much stereotypes and hate throughout years and even centuries. As people, all of this will finally hit us whether we like it or not. These people lived terrible lifes just for them to be called the enemy in a place that is opposed to gives dreams and help. They finally allowed of all this to happen to them to the point they have given up. The government they once had fallen and now runs reckless because when they did stand strong others only found the problems with them. They give up trying to reproduce because lack of resources and the fact they don’t want to make those monsters you speak of.

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