An Importance of Policemen

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Policemen are important for our society and community. These are the people who follow rules and helps in regulating them. They have the power and the right to take action when a member of the society does not follow the rules or abide them. The job of a policeman is dangerous and these people must take decisions before they think. Some decisions could lead to a bad result and but mostly they are done to protect the citizens.

Over the past 26 years the criminal rates has lowered more than half of what it was on 1991 and the policemen are the reason behind it. Police brutality may not be done purposely but to protect other citizens. Police take actions when the victim opposes or when he or she does not cooperate with the police. Physical actions can also be taken when the officers feel like they are being threatened by the individual. In many cases of police brutality, the problem is not of the police but of the victim if you think deeply.

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For example, the South Carolina student who was dragged by a policeman from her classroom. Before using this action, the teacher and the administrators asked her to leave the room multiple times but she never listened. When the cop came to remove her from the room, she refused and fought back. This is when he had to use his power to make her leave the room. This would have never happened if she obeyed her teachers and authorities in the first place. This girl was a troublemaker and was not obedient, so she faced the consequences for her actions.

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