An Importance Of Net Neutrality

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The term ‘net neutrality’ was first coined in a 2003 paper, reflecting a battle that was just beginning to brew (Finley). This term gained traction in the early 2000s when internet providers, other known as ISP’s, started banning users from creating their own virtual private servers, setting up personal Wi-Fi routers, and even blocking phone calls on the internet.

A few years later in 2008, Comcast was caught throttling speeds of BitTorrent connections and was ordered by the FCC to cease. Following a year later, AT&T was caught for blocking iPhone users from making Skype calls, which led to the FCC halting this act. Late 2010, the FCC approved the FCC Open Internet Order which introduced six net principles; transparency, no blocking, level playing field, network management, mobile, and vigilance (Preserving the Open Internet).

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Over the course of four years, the FCC released a new proposal including new rules on allowing fast lanes and slow lanes. With serious backlash the FCC received 1.1 million comments on just the first day, determining that less than one percent of comments opposed net neutrality, with a total of 3.7 million comments left (Lannon). This ultimately led to the FCC passing the Title II Net Neutrality Rules in 2015 to a 3-2 vote. These rules applied to both wireless and wired internet connections, classifying ISP’s as common carriers. Three years later net neutrality was officially ended, due to the FCC repealing net neutrality. Now that net neutrality is dead, California along with some other states, have started to pass their own bills that breathe life back. Net neutrality is essential to protecting the users of the internet, not give more power to Corporations who want to control it.

Net neutrality seems like a good concept with no flaws, but there are some arguments that believe it creates negative impacts for the United States. The ISP’s that are making this argument, claim the competing companies like Netflix, Google, YouTube, and other big users of bandwidth are not paying for the fair share of use. The ISP’s have spent billions to build the internet, while these companies use their infrastructure for enormous amounts of data. They want to charge higher fees to the biggest bandwidth users,

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