An Importance Of Goldern Rush

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The Gold Rush began in Sacramento Valley in 1848 when nuggets of gold were discovered. The epidemic was a very significant turning point for American history in the 19th century. The Gold Rush brought thousands of people to San Francisco to mine for gold. From the start, it changed many things about America, even the production of jeans.

            The first discovery came from James Wilson Marshall on January 24, 1848. He was working to build a water-powered sawmill when he discovered flakes of gold in the American River. Right around this time, the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed which left a California in the hands of the United States rather than Mexico. The discovery of the gold flakes was supposed to be kept a secret, but soon the word got out. Soon enough, the newspaper was reporting large amounts of gold turning up at the mill.

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           Eventually, about three-quarters of the male population in San Francisco left town to work in the mines, raising the number of miners in the city to 4,000. The trip to California was, however, expensive. Men around the United States would mortgage their homes, borrow money, and even dig into their life savings to make the trip. They became known as ’49ers. Women no longer had men around, so they began doing more significant jobs such as running farms or businesses.

          Since there were so many people in California to mine for gold, this was a perfect opportunity to set up shops, saloons, and businesses around town to make a fortune in the meantime. In the process, San Francisco became a spot for gambling and prostitution. While this was very risqu?© and lawless, the city’s economy was growing more than ever.         

          The supply of gold was much lower than the high demand. Anglo-Americans were volatile towards other groups of people because they believed the land belonged to them. Because of this, they forced the others out with acts of violence. In the process, one hundred and twenty thousand Native Americans faced disease, homicide, and starvation during the Gold Rush and died fatally.

            Eventually, the large quantity of gold became a smaller amount of gold. The Gold Rush actually did not last that long at all, because there were hundreds of thousands of miners, and a limited amount of gold. The more people that showed up, the less gold that was available for mining. Because of the dangers and struggles that come with mining, machines were created to help do the job. The new technique of hydraulic mining, developed in 1853, brought enormous profits but destroyed much of the region’s landscape. (

            The machinery did have a major negative impact on the environment of California. While the state served as a huge gold mine,

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