An Importance Of Ethical Behavior

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According to the textbook Fundamentals of Management by Ricky Griffon, ethical behavior is in the eye of the beholder, the term usually refers to behavior that conforms to generally accepted social norms. (Griffon, 2016) Unethical behavior is a behavior that does not conform to generally accepted social norms. (Griffon, 2016) Both behaviors in any situation forces a person to choose between either or behaviors, which both are honorable but are dealt with in conflict.

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As reported by an article from Taylor & Francis Online, the word ethics refers to accepted principles of right or wrong that govern the conduct of a person, the members of a profession, or the actions of an organization. (Bayaga, 2017) There are ethical dilemmas in place in every situation due to every individual’s morals being different from others, some things people may find immoral others would find it morally correct.

According to an Emerald Insight article, ethical theories are effective in ethical leadership, which displays the eight leadership approaches such as: directive leadership, authentic leadership, charismatic leadership, servant leadership, transactional leadership self-leadership, shared leadership and transformational leadership. (Dion,2012) I believe Barbara displayed self-leadership, she knew what she was capable of and knew what the influence of her actions would have on herself and the company long-term. The determinants of individual ethics are family influences, situational factors, values and morals, experiences and peer influences. (Griffon, 2016)

These factors determine how individuals think regarding any situation that’s faced, although that person is in the situation, it can affect everything around them. In this scenario, Barbara is risking everything such as career,

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