An Eventful Time In American History

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An eventful time in American History, full of pride, bloodshed, self-realization, and building of an independent nation. A nation that was fought for and built, creating things, the very things that make America the great country it is today. A rebellion that would change the world, in a matter of nearly a decade of unrest and hostility. The rejection of British Parliament’s authority due to taxation, rising prices of many things needed to sustain life under British rule. A prideful nation would be fought for, organized, and built with independence and freedom in mind.

The revolution was in the minds of the people, and in the union of colonies, both of which were accomplished before hostilities commenced (Schlesinger). Tensions were high between the people of the thirteen colonies and the British authorities leading up to the revolution. Leading up to the cry for independence. Over half of the population were young adults. Sixty percent were under the age of 21 and many were children. This meaning many who fought the British for independence were young men.

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Life in the Thirteen Colonies would change after Parliament’s first of many serious attempts as using government authority over its population. British Parliament would begin a series of attempts to control and gain revenue from the American People. The Stamp Act bill was passed on February 17, 1965 and approved by the Lords on March 8th. The king would then order in to be in effect just two weeks later. This imposed tax was both damaging to the people and opened the door to a revolt. Forcing the population to pay for Great Britain’s debt for the Seven Years’ War that had grown to 129,586,789 pounds.

This debt was occurred due to the high cost of Great Britain’s troops in America. This taxation was a violation of the American people’s rights. Creating an atmosphere of hostility and rebellion. A year later British parliament repealed the stamp act. However, the Declaratory act was enacted. This act stated, full power and authority to make laws and statues to bind the colonies and people of America in cases whatsoever. An act that would only fuel the fire burning among the people.

Each event leading up to the rebellion would raise the tension higher. On March 5, 1770 in Boston a volley of gunfire erupted from very unwelcomed British troops, anger and tempers would reach an all time high. A riot of about fifty citizens would erupt and an attack on a British Sentinel would conclude with 3 dead and 8 others wounded. Gunfire would silence the mob only after it was too late. Two British soldiers would be found guilty of manslaughter. Forcing the Royal governor to evacuate the troops from Boston. Boston would have yet another event that would bring unrest.

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