An Argument of Homogenised and Standardised Of the Products Due To Globalisation

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Globalization 1 An Argument of Homogenized and Standardized Of the Products Due To Globalization Introduction For the better understanding of the argument of weather, the increment of products that homogenize and standard is as a result of globalization certain factors should be considered. It is important first to understand what is meant by the term globalization and homogenization. Globalization is the process where by a product or anything becomes world wide (Ritzer, 2010). If the commodity is facilitated by Medias of communication, for example via satellite or radio, the information can instantly reach the whole world. Some of the important events in sport, politics, and social have a worldwide audience. Communication is a global aspect that will be appreciated by most people in the world. People will find it easy to welcome globalization for knowledge. However, they will be worried about the things that get globalized. For example, people may be worried about the globalization of economic and cultural sphere. The fear of the globalized economy is capitalism. Capitalism is a system of the economy where few people own and control the resources of the production. Homogenization is where people use the same kind of thing (Martell, 2010). In the world of today, people use the same kind of things. For example, commodities that are mainly found globally are the cars and plans. Evidenced are also products like Coca-Cola and Pepsi, which are found in various countries in the world (Smith, 2006). It is true to say that there has been a rise in the standardization and homogenization of processes and products globally. In line with the theory of convergent, it can be argued that globalization is leading to a more similarity. When similar brands like Starbucks and McDonalds are present in almost all the countries in the world, a person can find it hard to dispute this. However, the idea of globalization must also be considered. While processes and products are increasingly becoming homogenized, different adoption can be evidenced these may be as a result of isomorphism according to the difference in culture. It can be argued that the evidenced increase in homogenization can not be finally attributed to globalization. The general definition of globalization is that, it is the deepening, widening and speeding up of the worldwide interconnectedness (Baylis, Smith & Owens, 2013). Therefore attributing relating homogenization to globalization will be counter- intuitive. This is because an increased of the worldwide interconnectedness would lead to increased diversity, as there is the introduction of different cultures to each other. A person may expect that the outcome of the diversity to be the introduction of different products and processes from different countries into the world market which is not the case. Therefore, it will be right to argue in this paper that the evidenced standardization is mainly as a result of the Americanization or Westernization for dominant states to impose their practices on other countries. This is not to argue that globalization a form of colonialism,

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