An Analysis of Marilyn Monroe’s Life

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This is a research and psychoanalysis paper on Marilyn Monroe and the life that she lived. The first part explores many aspects of her life, starting with her childhood and ending in the passing of Marilyn. The start goes into her heritage and later discusses how that, and the rest of her life, affected her psychologically.

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The second aspect of this paper is the analysis of her psychologically, diving into the multiple psychological theories and perspectives and how her entire life is taken into context by these perspectives. Her personal views are all considered with these perspectives and how they made her the person she was. Lastly, this paper ends with personal thoughts and a reflection of how I felt individually toward the information given and researched.

An Analysis of Marilyn Monroe’s Life

Marilyn Monroe. When those words were uttered in the 1940s through 60s, most all would associate a feeling of sensuality and womanhood. Marilyn had a life that was unlike a regular person’s and she was remembered for several aspects of this life she lived. A woman of independence, grace, and sexual appeal, Monroe had a background that not many investigated during her lifetime, yet that had an impact on who she was, how she felt internally and how her life came to an end. Her life story, starting with her childhood, had an impact on many people and she will be remembered throughout history for her looks, career and various relationships in which she was involved, which all roots back to her psychological state and mental state of mind. A mystery in a nutshell, Marilyn Monroe is a woman to be studied and analyzed closely because of her disturbing childhood, life of fame, and tragic death, all making analyzers wonder, what was truly going on in her mind? 

Description of Marilyn Monroe’s Life

        Marilyn Monroe did not start her life with the idolized name that we now call her; she was formally known as Norma Jean Mortenson. An innocent, young girl, starting out a life with a desperate need of love, Norma Jean was raised in orphanage and foster homes because her mother was admitted into a mental institution and her dad deserted her family when she was young. When looking in to the past of this little girl who became a woman too young, it is easy to see how her mother had an impact on her life. Norma Jean, or Marilyn Monroe, had a mother named Gladys Pearl, who was born in May of 1902. Gladys had her own struggles growing up, which rooted within her own upraising. Gladys’ mother, Della, was married to a man named Otis Elmer Monroe, Gladys’ father. Otis ended up dying mysteriously after a terrible sickness,

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