An Analysis of Diversification in Public Service Organisations

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Task – 2: Literature Review Contents Introduction: Journals and Reviews: Conclusion: References:


The aim of the chapter is to provide evidential literary support to the background of the research and also refer to appropriate articles be it the journals or any online sources for the clarification of the concepts regarding the research topic. There are researches done in the similar conceptual fields, materials from those can also be readily coagulated to develop the profound base for the knowledge development of the research domain that has been selected as per the aim of the discourse. Thus the primary purpose of a chapter dedicated to literature review has been established. The ideas are emphasized by library research methods and backed up by concrete literary evidences. However this is draw a conceptual thread that suits the analysis criterion of the research and also wields to support the knowledge development of the research about the organizations. Regarding the process incorporated it might be stated that the general cases that are close to that of the research topic and the essential peripherals are readily commemorated in this conjuncture to concoct the rightful reagent for the calibration process of the entire research. The range of diversification in the public service organizations is great and each and every aspect is to be ardently and efficiently taken care of so as to felicitate an overall customer satisfaction and thereby accelerates the process of attainment of sustainability. The factors include from quality services, to attractive service timings and a decent communication flow. This readily mandates the work team expertise and also shows that the teams working for the organization had to be extremely dedicated for the realization of the desirables. Thus the ideas are to be commemorated in the conjuncture that shall lay prime focus on the development of services in the selected domain of sustaining operations and incrementing the customer satisfaction levels and the major techniques suggested for this is preferably the efficient and dedicated services that should be offered. Thus the ideas are to be deciphered.

Journals and Reviews:

The review report of the journals and other sources which are of relevance to the topic of the research are discussed in this section. LJ Krajewski, LP Ritzman, MK Malhotra in the 2012 edition of their book deduced that the key criterion for development and growth of any organization is to have decent and tactical operations management strategy. The strategic choice of approach and the customer value proposition are the fundamental pillars of the structural support system that consolidates the foundations of the operations management (Krajewski, Ritzman, & Malhotra, 2012). The basic element for the sustainability of operations in an organization and an efficient tactical approach for the operations management are to develop and maintain a decent quality in terms of product designing and services. Thus the idea can be drawn that tactical researches are to be conducted in both qualitative and quantitative manner to stabilize the operations at the organization.

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