Business and Commercial Law

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Group Project: Business and Commercial Law

Contents Part: 1 Part: 2: Brief About the Company: Objective and business activities of the Company: Capitalisation: Competitor: Comparison: Conclusion: Part: 3 Restriction on employment of minor and woman: References:

Part: 1

Name of the Company: Emaar Properties PJSC

Part: 2:

Brief About the Company:

Emaar is a Dubai based Public Joint Stock Company. The company is a listed company in Dubai Finanacial Market. The company is property developer with global presence. Since inception of the company since 1997, the company has been involved in development of property all over Dubai and has changed the landscape of property development in Dubai. Emaar developed Burj Khalifa, the tallest building on earth (Emaar, 2014).

Objective and business activities of the Company:

The objective of the company is to develop world class properties world-wide. The iconic real-estate company created value-added and master- planned communities all over the world. The company has the capacity to meet full spectrum of life style needs of the resident. The company has the capacity to develop shopping mall, retail and in hospitality business. The company has already developed 37,350 residential units all over the world. The company has also developed 6,93,000 sq. ft. of international market. The company has strong fundamental and has got assets over AED 62.8 billion, i.e. $17 billion. The land bank of the company is massive 232 million Sq. meters. In the international market it has 6,90,000 square meters of recurring revenue generation assets. The assets include hotel, malls and over 1900 rooms. In 2013 the company made profit of AED 2.568 billion i.e. $699 million. The annual revenue of the company in 2013 is AED 10.328 billion i.e. $ 2.812 billion. The company is building its strong financial on the growth of Dubai economy. Emaar recorded a net profit of AED 1.731 billion i.e. $471 million (Zawya, 2014). In the first six months of 2014 the company has revenue of $5.063 billion. Out of the total revenue Emaar’s mall, retail, hospitality and leisure business contributed AED 5.063 billion. There are several projects underway for Emaar. The most highlighted project of Emaar is the integrated lifestyle destination on 500 acre area of AED 73 billion i.e. $20 billion (Business, 2014).


The market cap or market capitalisation of the company is AED 51,764.91 million. The minority shareholder interest in the company is AED 190.77 million.


The main competitor of Emaar is Nakheel Properties. The property developer is based in Dubai.

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