An Active Client’s Nutrition

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Introduction and Background of Client

The client assigned, named Glenn, is an active individual with a busy life style. He is a nurse at a local hospital who is on feet a lot during the day, but still makes time to exercise regularly. He enjoys running, hiking, and all things active with his family and friends.

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He has twin toddlers to chase around as well, but he has been struggling with fatigue recently. Although he has been struggling with fatigue, he has still made it a priority to keep up his active lifestyle. Since he does not want his fatigue to increase or effect his lifestyle anymore, he has reached out to a nutritionist to find out if there could be something in his diet that could be causing it. We asked to document his food for 7 days to see what we could find. He does his best to incorporate vegetables and watch what he eats, but his diet is lacking in some areas.

Results of Diet and Exercise Analysis

Glenn is 5 feet and 10 inches and weighs 150 pounds, making his body mass index 22.2. He falls into the normal category for his body mass index, which reflects his active lifestyle. In the seven days he recorded for us, he exercised 6 of those days. His exercise routine consisted of 3 days of weight training with running 25 minutes and 3 days of running for 45 minutes. In reviewing his full nutritional analysis, we found several deficiencies that could be attributing to his fatigue. In reviewing his overall macronutrient intake, he was deficient all categories nearly every day.

Glenn’s vitamin intake for the week showed a deficiency of Vitamin C, also called ascorbic acid. See Figure 2 for a view of his vitamin c intake for the week. Finally, for his mineral analysis for the week, he was deficient in his potassium, calcium, and iron intake, but was in excess with his sodium.

Discussion and Impacts

Minerals Discussion and Impacts

We discovered two minerals that could be impacting Glenn’s health. The first mineral that we found to be the most significant to attribute to Glenn’s health was sodium. In the week we observed, he was in excess for sodium every single day. Hypertension does not typically have any symptoms, but having a high sodium intake is a risk factor for it (Drenjan?evi?-Peri?,

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