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AMPHICAR II – System Specifications

1 Statement of work

Our team has aimed to produce an energy efficient, environmental friendly personal consumer vehicle that is capable of travelling on road and operating as a fun filled water vehicle. The project idea of AMPHICAR – II is to introduce the vehicle to the public; the first prototype will be used in crossing in the English Channel, beating Richard Branson’s record set in the Gibbs Aquada. The project background given by AdSing systems engineering, world leaders in revolutionary new system development, has undertaken the challenge of developing a state of the art amphibious vehicle for the consumer market.

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This is defined as the first phase of the project and the budget for this phase is $80000. This phase of the project will be completed in 30 days. After completion of the conceptual design of the AMPHICAR – II project, it shall be placed as a proposal put forward by AdSing to independent sub-contractors for further iterations of the system development cycle. For the successful completion of this phase of the project, we will have guided by our tutor (Bill Daniels) who is the systems Engineering Expert. The requirements of the vehicle is achieved by incorporating safety features, capability of travelling on road and water, customer satisfaction, robust design, lower operational cost, and after all the project should be completed within the budget. IEEE 1220 standard specifies the system engineering process and it is primarily targeting our product (Amphicar) oriented system, which defines the inter-disciplinary tasks that are required to our project throughout the lifecycle to transform stakeholder (Customer)needs, requirements and constraints in to our product development.

Therefore our group has emphasized to bring ideas in brainstorming session and initially conducted a assessment on potential customers before beginning the conceptual design. Here we have the conceptual design of the AMPHICAR project comprises of four different stages namely System engineering and management plan, Systems requirement specification, functional analysis & allocations and final stage of system specification. The project planning in fact it refers to SEMP which includes statement of work, work schedule, cost analysis, product testing methods, program management, risk management, resources required, deliverables, etc., System requirements specification stage are identified based on the needs and the project requirements. Functional analysis & allocation stage comprises with functional breakdown is done to determine the system & physical design overview, functional analysis and component details. At the final stage of system specification, AMPHICAR – II project undergoes evaluation and final documentation.

2. Referenced documents

AMPHICAR concept Referred on 06/01/2010

The AMPHICAR Story Referred on 07/012010

IEEE 1220 Standard readings Referred on 09/01/2010

3. Work breakdown structure (this phase of the AMPHICAR project)

3.1 Schedule

In fact we have 30days time from 8th January 2010 till 8th February 2010 to complete an attractive high level conceptual design of AMPHICAR –

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