Americans with Disabilities Act

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Introduction There is a famous saying that the chain is as strong as its weakest link. Similarly the economy is as strong as the lower unemployment rate. The people who have limited functionalities have to face certain barriers in employment, in transportation when traveling, telecommunications public services and accommodations and these barriers have an astounding effect on the economy and increase social costs on American society. This has damages the efforts of people with limited functionalities to be educated, find employment and be one of those people who contribute their part in the society, The Americans Disabilities Act (ADA) is now working on removing these barriers that are face by the disabled. This will increase the skills and talents of the individuals with disabilities, in return which will increase their purchasing power. This ultimately means that all Americans will increase their living standards. The key of increasing the living standards of individuals with disabilities is that just like other minorities in terms of origin; religion, gender, and race also get civil rights protections by the ADA. This opportunity puts individuals with limited functionalities in the position, just like others, to remove the barriers they face mentioned above such as employment, transportation, telecommunication and public services. The main purpose of this booklet is that it offers the answers to the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the American Disabilities Act (ADA) Background People with disabilities are found everywhere since the beginning of time and America is no exception. Individuals with disabilities always had to face barriers and were not getting facilities as others had. This was unacceptable for them and they decided to do something about it. They challenged all the barriers that were stopping them from everyday activities in the community. The parents of the disabled individuals decided that the differentiation and exclusion was enough, in result they created small groups that would stand up for the rights of these individuals. These groups, over the passage of time, developed and a movement was emerged. This movement challenged against those who said that these people with disabilities should be institutionalized. This independent movement worked hard and provided services to the disabled individual just for them to live and be a part of the community. In 1988 the Americans Disabilities Act (ADA) was introduced to the congress and on July 26, 1990 it was signed in the ceremony that took place at the White House. The History of the ADA: A Movement Perspective by Arlene Mayer son 1992 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was the first act of its kind as it looked at the Passed by Congress in 1990, It comprehensively looked at the whole nations civil rights law and its main purpose was to monitor the everyday needs of the disabled individuals, eliminating discrimination in different fields of life such as employment, public services & housing, and sources of communication. EEOC was allowed implementation power for Title one of the Act, the job differentiation allocations. There are some cases of discrimination under the ADA · A 1993 agreement order rectifying a declaration alleging dissimilarities based on disability in a health insurance scheme of union which restricted lifespan interests for AIDS to $50,000,

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