America Violating The Rights Of Refugees

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The imprisonment of the immigrant separates the families of the immigrants, given that the children, women, and men are jailed in different prisons upon the prosecution. The freedom that they sought by entering America as refugees is no longer available. The hard policies against them have contributed to the violation of the human rights for these asylum seekers, who search for and are in need of humanitarian assistance from the American government.During the first week of adoption for the zero-tolerance policy on immigrants, passed by President Donald Trump, over 650 children were separated from their parents.

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Afterwards, the young children were taken to what were considered almost concentration camps, were Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents either kept them in cells or placed them in a foster family (The facts on Trump admin. zero-tolerance immigration policy, 2018). The United Nations organization have spoken up about their opinions on the matter and how they feel about the arrests and treatment towards refugees in America. The current regime in the US has turned their back on them, eliminating the refugee support systems eminent in the immigrant office (The US Must Not Turn Its Back On Refugees, 2018). The UN has indicated that the policy embraced by the US government is inhumane, given the fact that it destroys the family unit and place the children in cells or with other families that are not their own (Taking Migrant Children from Parents Is Illegal, U.N. Tells the U.S, 2018). The arrests of the immigrants separates kids from their parents and violates not only the rights of the children, but also the refugees seeking humanitarian help. A person who flees their home country because of war or persecution is perceived as a refugee in another country (What is a Refugee? Definition and Meaning | USA for UNHCR, n.d). Such a person qualifies to be awarded the rights and freedom entitled to asylum seekers. When a person is undocumented and claims to be a refugee, the host country ought to assist in filling out an application for asylum seeker status so that their ground of persecution and ultimate immigration is justified. Once that’s done, some humanitarian assistance is of the essence for the immigrants who have just lost everything and risk their lives in order to have a chance at a new and better life.

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