Ambient Light In Contact Shadow

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This dissertation is to simplify the ambient light in contact shadow using Maya embedded language (MEL) which can be useful for all lighting artists to get a global illumination effect in simple steps and to reduce process of render time and they can connect and disconnect the ambient shader and adjust using GUI (graphical user inter phase) all the buttons will be in GUI itself. These are simple techniques but if one needs the old fashioned moves he’s got to go to the control set up tools. But these are simplified here and all can be achieved in simple clicks which is easy to navigate.

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All actions present in the GUI area all are present in my interface and one reason its better as its simple. This has been focused in a manner to anticipate all professional or not its easy to all. This helps all and even helps to navigate better through the GUI controls better.


Ambient Occlusion is a lighting technique that which is used to cast shadows on objects. This is a technique used in lighting which is misunderstood as this method casts shadows on objects where light does not reach. This method gives out a good render to the object with normal modes in the output. Ambient occlusion creates or casts soft shadows around the object which gives out a molded look.

In technical terms ambient occlusion is a global illumination method and is commonly referred to as a cheap trick for alternative method of global lighting method. To be more specific in answering the above is each person has his means of working and all processes differ from one another. This is where ambient occlusion comes into being as some calculate the intensity of the light setup for every work file but most don’t and the best way to overcome is to use ambient occlusion where this does all the calculation and gives a better quality render more than we can accept.

On aspects to other global illumination methods ambient occlusion does calculate in it manner but regarding other properties in the scene file. Where it has to go according to all shapes in the scene file to calculate the light setup to generate a global light effect which seems less complex than the regular lighting aspect in the software. This specialty makes ambient occlusion very well accepted among game developers and level designers and in various levels of production animation.

Here I am going to simplify the Ambient Occlusion shader to get ambient light in all contacted shadows. Connecting the ambient occlusion to all the shader is a big process as we have a number of shader in a single scene file. I am going to develop a separate user interface in Maya for the user to manipulate my tools.

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