Alzheimer’s Disease: Memory and Thinking

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Alzheimer’s disease is a disease of the brain. It generates a large amount of nerve cells die, thus affecting a person’s ability to remember and think clearly.

Do we know the cause of the disease. There is a cure. How we care for someone with Alzheimer’s disease. Is it hereditary? The cause of the disease is unknown. Alzheimer’s disease was first identified in 1906 as being a remarkable study how it affects individuals. There is constant research and awareness of the disease that promote Alzheimer’s treatment and care.

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Alzheimer’s Community Care ?: Alzheimer’s Community Careweb 16 March 2016 : Web. The information is taken from this site tells us all about Alzheimer’s disease. Typical warning signs, diagnosis and treatment are included. It advises that there is no cure, but research has been conducted with various drugs and therapies to slow or reduce symptoms. This site will be useful for those who have a loved one who has recently been diagnosed or someone they suspect may have the disease.

Igel, Christian. Early detection of Alzheimer’s disease using MRI hippocampal tissue. Denmark John Wiley & Sons, 2016 Print. This article is supported by the fact that the hippocampal region of the brain is reduced in size compared to a patient who did not have Alzheimer’s disease. These results were confirmed using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI): This article may be used for the scientists and researchers who are studying Alzheimer’s disease.

James, VAUGHN YEAltsheymeri adviser. New York: American Management Association, 2009 in print. This book applies to family members who are left in charge of the affairs of the Alzheimer’s patient. Whether it’s legal issues, financial issues, guardianship, estate planning, advance directives, etc. It has many pages to assist loved ones in this long process. This book is a good resource that will help one decide if they should need a lawyer or not.

Joubert, Sven. Early and late onset Alzheimer’s disease are associated with specific patterns of memory impairment. France Amazon Masson, 2015 in print. This journal educates readers about early onset and late onset Alzheimer’s disease. It would be best to use a reader who has a family history of Alzheimer’s disease. He or she may be possible to identify some of the signs and symptoms and to become more aware from the start.

Lu, Linda C. biographies disease. California, Greenwood, 2011. Print. This book reveals important facts about Alzheimer’s disease.

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