Alzheimer’s Disease and How it Affects Families

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There are about five million families around The United States alone that are affected by Alzheimer’s disease. This disease affects not only the person with the disease but also their family. By gaining too much stress as the family member or loved one taking care of this person it can cause health issues for ones family. Families with a loved one that is affected by Alzheimer’s Disease endure many effects that involves emotional, physical, and financial instability.

To start with, Alzheimer’s is a type of dementia which causes trouble with memory loss. Alzheimer’s disease is severe memory loss due to the death of brain cells. The disease destroys not only memory loss but several crucial mental functions. Alzheimer’s affects so many people around the world. There are about 60 to 80 percent of alzheimer’s cases around the United States. Starting off the patient may feel quite confuse and experience a hard time to remember important details. As it gets more serious the patient may not remember a loved one or a family member. After a while the patient personality may start to go under severe changes.

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The caregiver of the alzheimer’s patient could develop many symptoms that would make you sad or depressed from losing a loved one.The caregiver of the patient has a large impact on the patient. Watching someone you love being affected by alzheimer’s disease can lead to great deal of pain and sorrow on a person.The caregiver is required to stay with the patient 24/7. Considering this the main caregiver can go under an extreme amount of emotional stress. It also can affect their overall health. Therefore it is important for the caregiver to understand the risks as they care for their loved one. While taking care of your loved one is very important remember not to neglect yourself. By organizing certain times to do what’s necessary for your loved one it can take a lot of the emotional stress off.

When someone that you love is affected by this disease it is equivalent losing someone that is still there.A 2008 study carried out at the University of Indianapolis found that grief was, in fact, the heaviest burden that those caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease had to endure. The study focused on the idea of anticipatory grief, and mourning the loss of someone before they actually die, and ambiguous loss,(anticipatory grief) which arises when you are dealing with someone who is no longer psychologically or socially present. When dealing with someone you love who is affected by this disease it can cause frustration when they start to forget those they’ve loved before.

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