All the light we cannot see Anthony Doerr

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Marie-Laure Leblanc lives in Paris with her dad. Marie has went blind at the age of 7 because of a disease in her eyes called cataracts. Her father works as a locksmith for all types of precious items for the museum of natural history.

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She’s having a rough time dealing with her blindness so her father goes out and buys her some adventure novels for her birthday. These books are special because they are meant for the blind because they are written in Braille. The novels are called Jules Verne. Every day after work while Marie reads her father gets to work on making a wooden model of the part of town she lives in so she can navigate through the streets alone if needed to. He also made special puzzles for her on her birthday to solve and it has a prize in it. As rumors of Germans spread that they will overtake paris, the museum gives Marie’s father a 22k diamond named the Sea of Flames, A diamond told to have a curse that is said to give anyone who holds it a never ending life but terrible things will happen around them.

This jewel was said to be given to the God of the Sea from the God of Earth as a love offering. He and Marie-Laure leave their home in Paris to give the stone to an affiliate of the museum. But the man has fled to london so now her father can’t give him the Sea Of Flames, They both had to escape to her great uncle’s house in Saint Malo, his Name is Etienne. When they got there they were greeted by Madame Manec,

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