All Of Citizens Have A Legal Right

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When a country with less than five percent of the world’s population has nearly half of the world’s privately owned guns and makes up nearly a third of the world’s mass shootings, it’s time to stop saying guns make us safer.” – Dr. Dashanne Stokes
America is a country with an endless selection of guns with all different types of sizes and levels of damage available. However guns are beginning to become a problem. We live in a country where guns have evolved from being a way of defending a nation, to a way for a 19 year old to take 17 people’s lives in a Florida high school. 42% of US citizens live in a household with a gun .

All of citizens have a legal right to own these firearms. If these citizens all own guns legally, how do these mass shootings keep happening? In America, the hardest thing you will have to do in order to buy a gun is go through a simple background check in order to get a permit. Some states, such as Colorado, do not even require a permit to purchase a gun. This makes it exceedingly effortless for a gun to fall into the wrong hands such as those of someone mentally ill, or a disturbed teenager looking to hurt his/her classmates.

America needs to instate more strict gun control in order to prevent more mass shootings, as well as one on one gun violence in order to potentially save the lives of thousands of Americans. Since there are so many different sides, and different arguments, America has struggled with this disagreement tirelessly.

The Second amendment is a greatly controversial topic in our society. The second amendment says that “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Right after the second Amendment was put in place, people were ecstatic. This was in the 1700’s, and all it meant for them was that they are now able to go hunting, or defend themselves much easier than before.

Mass shooting were not an unsettling issue for them. The Second Amendment states that owning a gun is a right, not a privilege. The Second Amendment was ratified in 1791. Since then guns have developed rapidly, but our laws and restrictions have not. In 1791, there was a miniscule amount of gun violence compared to today, yet our laws have scarcely changed. Back then, the only reason an individual might own a gun would be for either self defense, or hunting. Since the Second Amendment was ratified, America has had an ongoing disagreement about whether we need to instate better, more strict gun control.

Due to America’s weak gun control, there have been over 307 mass shootings in 2018 alone. Everytime America experiences another mass shooting, we see news articles, rallys, and cries for better gun control.

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